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Morphe palette

Autumn's back in full swing and it's time for me to whip this palette back out again. I use this palette all year round mostly for the light shimmer shades, however.. Autumn is its time to shine!

Morphe 35f palette.

The colour's in this palette are so so gorgeous and scream Autumn to me. There's so many shimmer shades to choose from in this palette. You can create endless amounts of looks from it which makes it so perfect. The pigmentation from the shimmer shades as well is incredible. 

Morphe 35f palette.

My palette is looking a little messy from fallout but there's so many colours I haven't even touched in this palette because I never find the time to have a play around with it. However, I definitely know my favourites shades in this palette are the berry / purple / red colours. They're so so gorgeous and nothing I've seen in another palette before.

Morphe 35f palette.

All the shades in the Fall Into Frost palette complement each other which is why I think I love it so much. They're all so similar but in their own way they're different and I love it!

Morphe Fall Into Frost
 Another thing I love about this palette, is the fact that they have a black shadow! For someone who cannot do liquid eyeliner to save their life, having the black shadow makes it a lot easier to create the look of a liner with the shadow.  The matte shades in this palette are also amazing, there's so many crease shades to choose from and each one helps define the eye a little bit more than the last.

Overall, this is probably my favourite palette I own and I can't wait to properly experiment with this and put it to its full potential.

Have you tried a palette from Morphe? Let me know what your favourite is!

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Why I love Autumn

Autumn leaves.
Don't get me wrong I love the summer months, being able to wear cute outfits, planing days out and not having to worry about the weather etc but there's just something about Autumn / Winter that I just LOVE.

As soon as it hits September, that's summer over for me. I start planning Halloween, what I'm going as, how I'm going to decorate the house, how the pumpkins are going to be carved. Literally anything Halloween based,I'm on it.

It's not just Halloween that I love in the Autumn time, I love that I can start wearing knit jumpers / cardigans and it's socially acceptable where as in the summer you get the weirdest looks. I love the fact that the air starts to get a little cooler and crisp in the morning and evening. Even though I'm that person that constantly moans that it's too cold, I do much prefer it. 

New Look autumn jumper.

I also feel like all the better films start to come out in September / October time and being a lover of the cinema it's time to make use of my unlimited card that gets abandoned a little in the summer. I'm not a massive lover of horror films although I'll watch them to keep the bf happy, I'm more of a Hocus Pocus kinda girl. 

Halloween pumpkins.

I have few 'halloweeny' days out planned this Autumn which I'm super excited about! We've got a 2 day Thorpe Park fright night planned next weekend, we're also planning to do a Fright Night at Colchester Zoo to make use of our gold passes and I think we're also planning to do another night at Scaresville like last year. I really want to go to a Pumpkin Patch this year and pick my own pumpkins so I'm still in the works of persuading that.

Have you got anything planned for Autumn / Halloween? Let me know!

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